Monday, March 26, 2012

There's Still Time to Have Your Congregation's Holy Week Services on Our List

Integrity NYC-Metro will be publishing the schedule of Holy Week services at each of our local Proud Parish Partner ("P3") congregations later this week.  If your congregation is not listed as a "P3" on our website or blog there is still time to register or renew for a minimum annual donation of just $100 and be included in our guide.

Integrity is supported by its membership and private donations, and receives no funding from the national church.  If your congregation has a focus on social justice, we ask you to suggest that your leadership consider supporting our work by becoming a "P3".  As we approach General Convention this summer when the blessing of same-sex relationships will be debated by clergy and laity from throughout the church, Integrity hopes to have a strong presence advocating for the LGBT population.  In addition, we continue to encourage congregations to become more visibly welcoming through the Believe Out Loud campaign and representing the church at area Pride events.

If your congregation does decide to adopt or renew a "P3" commitment, please mention NYC-metro as your chapter, as a portion of your contribution will then be allocated for our work locally.  And of course we are also grateful for individual memberships and donations.

Thank you!

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