Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Present Day Experiences of Gay Christians in Kenya and Nigeria - Follow Up

This event was very informative, and well attended by a large mix of people. David Casey, Chap Day, and Michael Mallon were among the iNYC attendees. Davis MacIyalla spoke earlier that day at St. Luke in the Fields.

Here is an official statement from Davis' experience in New York as told to Steve Parelli by Mac-Iyalla, February 27, 2008, Bronx, NY
How I came to be invited to speak at The Riverside Church
When I told Steve I was coming through NYC on my way to a speaking engagement I had in California, and that I would like to stay with him a couple days, he arranged with Maranatha, the LGBT group at The Riverside Church, a forum on The Present-day experiences of Gay Christians in Kenya and Nigeria. I have known Other Sheep since 2006 when I first met Steve in Geneva, Switzerland. Subsequently, I spent a brief time with Steve in 2007 when I came to the United States for a tour. When Other Sheep and Maranatha invited me to speak as a panelist at a forum to be held at The Riverside Church, I was honored, and did not hesitate to accept their

The panel participants and what we talked about
The event was a success. Emmanuel Kamau of Kenya and Jose Ortiz of the States, who spent last July and August in Kenya, joined me as panelists. Together, we shared with our American counterpart what it is like to be gay and Christian in a hostile environment.

My gratitude to Other Sheep and Maranatha; special thanks to Steve and Jose for their hospitality
I am grateful to Other Sheep and Maranatha for the opportunity to speak. I am also grateful for the offering they took on my behalf. Too, I want to express my gratitude for the hospitality Steve and Jose showed my while I was here by keeping me in their home, providing for my daily needs, and for seeing me to and from the airport.

My second visit to St. Luke's in the Field
In addition to The Riverside Church meeting, I was able to worship and speak in St. Luke's in the Field in the Village, Manhattan. I spoke here in 2007 and so I was returning to be with friends I had made there on my previous visit. It was wonderful to be with them again. They are so loving
and welcoming. I will always want to return and visit again St. Luke's in the Field.

Davis accompanied iNYC's Chap, Michael, and Tim Martin to dinner following the event.

A full account of the Event can be found on the Other Sheep & Maranatha Riverside website.

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