Saturday, August 1, 2009

"We Will Not Be Silent" Community Rally in Jackson Heights

iNYC was a co-sponsor of the We Will Not Be Silent Community Rally in Jackson Heights. Our very own Michael Mallon attended the event. There were many other community organizations and organizers. There were about 200 people including politicians showing support and showing solidarity denouncing the acts of violence faced by the trans community in New York City.

Want to read more about the Transgendered Episcopal movement? Why not check out TransEpiscopal!

Here are a few pictures from the Rally. If you click on the images, they will enlarge.

Michael Mallon, Father Louis Braxton, Jr (Carmen's Place) Brendan Fay (Civil Marriage Trail Project), Melissa Sklarz (SDNYC), Jeremiah Frei-Pearson (WQfME, LICA), Jennifer Gamper (Carmen's Place), Marisa Ragonesa (Generation Q)and other organizers

Mark Elyaqim Mosheh Adam (OUT Astoria), Gary Paul Gilbert (LGDCQ), Sebastain Maguire (QLGPC), Robert Pinter (Stop the False Arrests Campaign), & Michael Mallon (QLGPC, SDNYC, iNYC, & OUT Astoria)

Deirde Feerick (City Council Candidate) and Brendan Fay (founder of Civil Marriage Trail Project)

Michael Mallon and Erik Bottcher from the New York City Council

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Cameron Partridge said...

Thanks so much for participating in the rally, Integrity NY-- very much appreciated.