Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rally for Marriage Equality Event

The Rally for Marriage Equality in Astoria was amazing. The NYC Parks estimated the attendance at 2500 people! Several Episcopalians were guest speakers including Father Louis Braxton, Jr (Carmen's Place), Lauren Marcewicz & Caroline Peacock (St. Luke in the Fields), and Chap Day & Michael Mallon (St. Luke in the Fields, iNYC, and OUT Astoria). There were also many politicians and community organizers. iNYC is a constitutent member of Western Queens for Marriage Equality (WQfME), and was a co-sponsor of this Rally. The NYS Senate is scheduled to vote on Marriage Equality this session, but the Senator from Astoria (George Onorato) says he will not vote in favor of Marriage Equality, despite his district having a large number of LGBT citizens and overwhelming support for Marriage Equality.

Here are some pictures.

2500 people in support of marriage equality

Lauren Marcewicz and Caroline Peacock (St. Luke in the Fields), and their daughter are residents of Astoria asking for marriage equality of their senator, George Onorato.

That's a lot of people

Father Louis Braxton, Jr (Carmen's Place) has been an outspoken LGBT cleric from the Episcopal Church in the Astoria area. Carmen's Place is an LGBT youth homeless shelter in Astoria. Last year several of the youth were attacked on the street, and Father Braxton stepped in to help them and was hit with a garbage can by the perpatrators.

Michael Mallon and Chap Day, both members of the iNYC Steering Committee live in Astoria and are members of OUT Astoria, an LGBT social network.

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