Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gay Pride Parade 2009

OASIS Newark joined forces and co-marched with Integrity NYC in the NYC Gay Pride 2009.

This is the 2nd year that we've marched since iNYC was resurrected. The Diocesan LGBT Concerns committee helped organize the other Episcopal groups so that we all registered to march together in the parade. Not only did the Diocese of New York have a sizable contingency but so also did Holy Apostles, Saint Luke in the Fields, Saint Bartholomew's, Saint Michael's, Holy Trinity, and Christ Church Belleville NJ, as well as members from churches in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.

Ascension offered a water ministry to the parade marchers as they passed by their church on the route. Saint Luke in the Fields hosted its annual Gay Pride Evensong, which many of the iNYC and OASIS marchers attended. This was a great showing of love from the Episcopal Church in New York and New Jersey. Neil Houghton, the Northeastern Regional Vice-President was also in attendance, as well as Bishop V. Gene Robinson who joined the whole contingency after preaching at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible, and to Chap Day for being the iNYC Group Marshal.

Here are some photos of iNYC: Integrity NYC and OASIS Newark marching in New York City's annual Gay Pride Parade.

More photos can be found on Neil Houghton's blog "Many Things to Say"

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