Monday, January 16, 2012

Resolution on Marriage Passes at NY Convention

The Committee on LGBT Concerns of the Diocese of New York proposed a resolution that was presented at our (delayed) Diocesan Convention. The resolution asks that the Bishop of the Diocese of New York interpret C056 in a manner that will allow (but not require) clergy in the Diocese to officiate at same-gender marriages as they do currently with opposite-gender couples. It also calls upon the Diocesan Convention to urge the 77th General Convention to revise the current Canons of The Episcopal Church with regard to marriage, to provide for the marriage of same-gender couples in those jurisdictions that have or will have civil marriage for same-gender couples.

For those not at Convention, the resolution on Marriage Equality passed easily. There was a motion to separate the parts, with a vote on parts 1 & 2 and then a vote on part 3 [the main part asking the bishop to allow clergy to officiate.] The vote on the first two parts was practically unanimous, and about 75% in favor of the third part. The full text of the resolution along with a brief explanation may be found here. Thank you to all those who helped support this resolution.

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