Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Integrity NYC Metro to March in the Queens St. Patrick's Parade for All

Join with Integrity NYC Metro in New York's most diverse St. Patrick's Day Parade, embracing LGBT contingents, community groups, childrens' bands, Irish organizations and religious and civic groups, all in celebration of Ireland.

This year's Parade is on Sunday, the 6th of March. It begins at 2:00pm at the corner of Skillman Avenue and 47th Street in Woodside (closest subway station is 46th St. / Bliss on the number 7 line). Marchers should plan on being there by 1:00-1:30pm. The March Organizers will not give an exact location for each group until the day of the Parade. Look for the Integrity banner or call/text Paul at 646-456-8705 or Chap at 348-840-1700. It ends at Woodside Avenue and 58th Street in Woodside. (You can also stand at 48th Street and Skillman and join us as we pass by.)
Bring your friends. Wear something green. Join us for a good time (and maybe a pint or two at the end).

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